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How to Play Online Bingo for Beginners | Tips and Strategy | 2024

It has once been a game played in dusty bingo halls. But online bingo has made a fabulous comeback with online gambling. This easy game is a classic and for good reason. As a game with simple rules, it makes it accessible to gamblers of all skill levels and ages. The best things in life are simple, and that is certainly the case with the bingo game. We’ll teach you how to play bingo step-by-step, review different bingo variants, and some tips and strategy to help you on your way!

History of Bingo

Bingo, this popular game, played around the world, is a game that is often played for prizes or cash. Although not usually played in land-based casinos, online bingo games are quite common and widely available at online casinos. A game that was once relegated to the elderly, this game has experienced a resurgence in popularity and is one of the best online casino games. It’s no surprise, either, since the rules of the game keep players interested and engaged. You never know what’s going to happen in a gaming session! But where did bingo begin?  

Experts at MySer-Gambling found that people believe that the origins of bingo were in the middle of the 16th century in Italy. It was heard that an Italian lottery called “Lo Giuco del Lotto D’Italia” was played by locals. It was later brought to France, where it was introduced to and played amongst the French aristocracy. By the late 18th century, it was wildly popular in France. From there, the game was brought to England, where it was played in industrial towns and cities. Finally, it arrived at the shores of the United States of America in the early 20th century.  

Initially, the game was called “beano” in the U.S. and was played at county fairs. In this case, players marked their cards with beans and yelled, “Beano!” when they won. When Edwin S. Lowe, a toy salesman from New York, overheard somebody mix up the words and yell, “Bingo!” instead of “Beano!”, he renamed the game. Under his toy company, Lowe produced bingo cards and even hired a math professor from Columbia University to help design better cards.  

Around this time, a priest from Pennsylvania inquired about using bingo for church fundraising. The game became very popular and by 1934, about 10,000 games were played weekly. To this day, bingo is commonly associated with church groups and retirement homes. With printable bingo cards readily available, people all over the world play bingo for all sorts of purposes. Gambling is one of them. There are casino bingo games offered at land-based casinos, but online gambling is where it really took off. When introduced to online casinos, bingo experienced a large resurgence in popularity. The best online casinos feature online bingo and many fans can enjoy this classic game from anywhere.  

How to Play Bingo

Do you want to learn how to play bingo? Well, you’re in luck because it is very easy for beginners to learn this fun game. In a live bingo game, all you need to do is listen to the numbers that are being called out and, if your card has that number, mark that number off on your card. If you successfully mark off the winning combination on your card, then you win the game! 

When you play online, it gets even easier! You almost don’t even need to pay attention because the computer will do all the work for you! As the numbers are chosen at random by the computer, the program will automatically mark off the numbers for you. Before the game begins, players will select whether to play with one card, or multiple cards, depending on their preference and/or budget. Each card has an array of random numbers organized on the bingo card grid. The size of the grid will vary and can be anything from 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, or larger.  

The random number generator of the site will then draw numbered balls, just like a dealer would in an in-person bingo live game. As we mentioned earlier, the computer will do the work for you and any corresponding numbers will be marked automatically. It’s perfect for the lazy bingo player in all of us! The “dealer” will continue to draw numbers until someone completes the winning pattern and claims Bingo! 

Different Types of Bingo

There are different types of bingo games based on the type and size of the grid, as well as winning combinations. Different bingo variants have different rules for gameplay. For example, games that have a 4×4 or 5×5 grid are usually easier to play. The winning pattern combinations are more basic and traditional “straight line patterns” that run vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Due to these being easier to play, the prize tends to be a lower amount.  

Then, there are bingo games that are less traditional but have more exciting winning combinations, such as an X-pattern. In this pattern, the goal is to mark off an X across the entire grid as two diagonals. This is more difficult and takes longer to accomplish, therefore, the prize is usually a higher jackpot. With 3×3 bingo cards, players will need to cover the entire bingo card as a “Full Bingo Pattern”, otherwise known as “black out”, “coverall”, or “full grid”. 

Another type of bingo pattern to mention is 4-Corners. With this winning combination, players will need to mark off each of the four corners of the board. This is very tricky because the necessary numbers are so specific and there is little to no leeway. Again, this type of winning combination will net the winning player a very nice jackpot! Like many things in life, the more difficult it is to achieve, the greater the reward. As one can see, there are many types of bingo games out there. There are so many winning patterns and combinations, ranging from a simple straight line to more complex patterns.  

We recommend starting off with a simple pattern first before tackling the more complex. By winning the simpler games, you will build your confidence and feel good about the game before trying out games with more complicated combos. In addition, there are also different types of bingo rooms to choose from. You will come across rooms like 75 ball bingo or 30 ball bingo. With 75 ball bingo, there are 75 calls; 30 ball bingo means there are 30 calls. Therefore, 75 ball bingo is typically easier because your odds of hitting a winning combination increases with time. However, the payout is lower. While 30 ball bingo is much harder, it has a higher jackpot.  

Bingo is largely a game of luck and chance. Players are dependent on the luck of the draw; what numbers come up and in what order is out of their control. However, it is still possible to have a game strategy and play a “smart” game of bingo. One example of this is to make a wise decision on what type of game to play. As you can see, there are many variations of the game, and they all have their pros and cons. In this next section, we will share a few more guidelines for those who want to apply more strategic decision-making to their game!  

Bingo Strategy

Before diving into some strategies for bingo, it is wise to remind ourselves that bingo is completely random. Not to dash your hopes for top secret bingo tips and tricks that will beat the odds every time, but it’s the truth. This is a game of luck and chance where numbers are produced by a completely randomized computer number generator. There is no strategy that players can apply in order to guarantee themselves a bingo win. But this is what makes bingo such a fun gambling game – you never know what will happen!  

There are some guidelines that smart bingo players can follow that may tip the odds in their favor and make it a more successful experience! The first of these is to play with multiple bingo cards! Now, it should be said that new bingo players should not start off with this strategy. At the beginning, new players to the game should stick with playing just one card. One card is simpler and easier to manage, and players will have smaller losses. For more experienced players, playing with multiple cards is a good strategy because you are increasing the potential of hitting a winning number combination when you play with multiple cards. Just be smart about it and start off with one card until you get the hang of it. A few wins under your belt will help get you started off on the right foot.  

Next, it would be wise to apply money management strategies to your gaming experience. This is probably one of the most important recommendations that applies not only to bingo, but all forms of gambling. Players should always set a budget for how much they can afford to gamble with before they start playing. The value in doing so is knowing when to walk away. This subtle mental track can motivate you to play longer with the same amount of money. You will feel more in control of your gameplay, and it will be a more enjoyable process overall.  

Another strategy that we recommend is to look for bingo rooms with fewer people. As you start playing online bingo, you will see that there are many options to choose from. Some bingo rooms will be very full, while others will have just a few people. Online bingo is fun because there are chat rooms available alongside the game where people can socialize. However, the benefit of playing in rooms with fewer people, is that your odds of hitting a winning combination before somebody else is higher. A more crowded room would decrease those odds. If you would rather have the social factor, then join a room with more people, but just be aware of what that means for your odds of winning!  

Ready to Play

There you have it! We have discussed the basic ins and outs of online bingo, including how to play and our recommended strategies for making the most of your game! Whether you’re playing bingo online with friends or live bingo, this classic game is one of our favorite ways to gamble. With this guide, beginner players should now feel confident playing their first game. More experienced players now have a few new tips on how to play smartly. Go forth into the Bingoverse and win some games!  

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FAQ: Online Baccarat

What is the best bingo strategy for beginners? 

Bingo is a random game of luck and chance, so strategy comes from choosing the right game. Different games have different difficulty levels and variable payouts. Also, look for rooms with fewer people!  

Where can I play online bingo?

There are many online casinos that offer online bingo, including bingo live! There are even casinos that specialize in just bingo. Read our other casino reviews to find a casino that is safe, trusted, and legitimate.  

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