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How to Play Keno Online: The Complete Guide to Keno For 2024

In this new guide, we will take a closer look at how to play keno online and what makes it such a popular game. The MySer-Gambling team has worked hard to provide accurate data to those gamblers in the GCC region, to ensure that you have the best possible gaming experience.

What is Keno Online

Keno is a simple lottery-style game that originated in China. Keno regulations are quite similar to Lotto regulations. It entails selecting digits and hoping that they correspond to some of the digits picked at random. Here at Myser-Gambling, we bring you more answers.  

Understanding the Game

Here is a fundamental explanation of the keno card. 

  • There are 80 numbers in Keno. A hopper is a digital machine that generates 20 random digits. 
  • Players select their digits; the number of digits selected by each player varies. Normal anywhere between 1 – 15, however, the quantity varies every game. 
  • As the balls emerge, the game estimates the player’s earnings based on the number of digits gambled and how many digits match the keno draw. 

The Keno Spot

The digits chosen by the participants are referred to as the spots. Participants typically highlight these with ink. Participants choose keno spots in online keno and video keno games by using the mouse or touching on mobile. 

Choosing Numbers

Whatever method you choose to select numbers, keep in mind that it is essentially a game of chance. There are two methods for reaching a decision. 

  • Manually choosing a number. 
  • Use the automated quick-pick mechanic. 

Opening Steps

Before you can understand how to play the game, understand that learning to play keno is not like learning how to play craps. This game is quite simple and to start, all you need to do is the following: 

  • Choose an online casino. 
  • Fund the casino account with your preferred banking method. 
  • Claim the bonus offer. 
  • Choose Keno. 
  • Start playing.  

The Rules

Keno is a game based on luck, which means you can’t affect or anticipate the outcome. Because all digits in online keno are generated by an RNG, any strategy is pointless. The keno online rules are as follows: 

  1. You will be given a keno board with a numerical range of 1 – 40 or 1 – 80. You will be able to choose among 10 and 15 digits to examine. 
  1. If you do not want to pick the values personally, an algorithm can. However, keep in mind that this does not ensure that you will win. This is something you must understand as you learn how to play keno game online. 
  1. You must also pick a betting sum, which determines the highest amount you may win. 
  1. Following that, you can choose how many draws you want to have in a single round. Online keno usually allows you up to ten drawings. 
  1. The system will then choose 20 randomized numbers to remove from the list. 
  1. The rewards and odds are determined by the amount of money gambled and the number of numbers selected. 

The steps mentioned above are an important part of learning how to play keno online for real money. 

Different Bets

Like other casino games, keno has a variety of bets that can be used. Below you will find these different bets and it is very important that you know how they work. 

Type of Bet Explanation 
Combination Tickets A wager made up of several distinct bets. 
Split Tickets A mix of straight-ticket wagers. 
King Number Tickets A bet in which one number is multiplied by all of your categories and constitutes a pick in as well as of itself. 
Way Tickets A wager that allows for various number pairings.
Straight Tickets The fundamental keno bet in which you choose the winning digits and wait for the system to choose them.


Before you attempt any strategy, we strongly advise you to learn how to play keno online for free. Here you can try different strategies and other online keno tips and you will learn that keno’s turns are much too infrequent to take this game seriously.  

If you are determined to use a tactic, simply check pay tables and bet at the casino that offers the maximum for the number of positions you choose. There is no system for picking numbers; any digit is as sure to appear as any other. However, if you want to learn how to play keno online the proper way, we would recommend not doing this. 


Learning how to play keno online is a simple and enjoyable process that can be done by anyone. This is what has made the game so popular as newcomers are generally drawn to simple games. The MySer-Gambling team has provided all of the information that you would need to start your online keno journey. All you need to do is gamble responsibly and if you need more tips and guides feel free to follow our site. 

FAQ: How to Play Keno Online

Where can I find a guide on how to play keno game online? 

The current guide provided by MySer-Gambling provides a thorough explanation of how to play keno online for beginners. This includes all of the information that you could possibly need from placing your bets to understanding the rules, we have made sure that all bases are covered. 

Is it easy to learn how to play keno online casino games? 

Yes, keno is a very straightforward game as it is a game of chance. This means that there are little to no strategies that can be used to enhance your odds of winning. However, if you understand probability, you could use this to your advantage when it comes to choosing numbers. 

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