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Basic Blackjack Strategy for Beginners | Best Strategies in 2024

Why use a blackjack betting strategy? The game of blackjack is simple to learn, making it accessible to many beginner players. While it may feel daunting to learn, a blackjack perfect strategy will help you lower the house edge at the tables. Sure, there is a lot to mastering blackjack strategy to win big at the tables, but let’s get there one step at a time with MySer-Gambling.  

Blackjack Charts

The first consideration to note is the basic decisions that every player makes throughout the course of online blackjack. These available options are hit, stand, double down, split, or surrender. Which action you choose depends on several factors, which is where strategy comes in. There are opportune times for each manoeuvre, and we reviewed some basic blackjack strategies. Check it out to get a sense of how you should be thinking about each move.  

For a bit more advanced blackjack strategy, look at the blackjack strategy charts. These charts are based on probability and show the best moves to make in relation to the dealer’s up card. For example, what’s the best move to make when you have a hard 16 in hand and the dealer’s up card is a 10. They are made easy to read in table form. First, find the row for your hand. Then, find the column for the dealer’s up card. The suggested moves are color coded, so you can quickly distinguish which to make hit, stand, double down, split, etc. See the chart below. 

blackjack strategy chart

source: https://www.blackjackinfo.com/

Whether you want to learn single deck blackjack strategy or other variants, there are strategy cards for all of these. As a beginner, you can start off using a blackjack strategy card. Playing online makes it easy to use the card/chart freely, but it is recommended that you eventually memorize the strategy. This will save you time and prepare you to play live dealer blackjack or at a land-based casino. People have different methods of memorization, find the one that works for you! Essentially, practice makes perfect.  

Counting cards

Let’s say you have been using the blackjack strategy charts and cards, but are interested in another type of strategy. Card counting is a mathematical and systematic technique that players can use to get an edge on the house. If you have the capacity and desire to learn, it is probably the best blackjack strategy to use.  

By counting cards, players are essentially estimating how many cards were dealt and how many remain in the deck. Using these numbers, the player is better able to make a smart and informed decision about his bet size and strategically place his move. This may come as a surprise to beginners, but there isn’t just one card-counting technique. In fact, there are many card-counting techniques. Whether you use one or the other depends on your expertise level, as well as the blackjack variant you’re playing.  

The most popular card counting technique is Hi-Lo. While many card counting systems are complex and require a good level of experience to implement, this one is not so. That’s what makes it great for both beginners and intermediate players. First introduced in 1963 by Harvey Dubner, this system is extremely well-known. How it works is each card has a point value: 

  • Cards 2 through 6 have a value of +1 
  • Cards 7 through 9 have a value of 0  
  • Card 10, face cards, and aces have a value of -1 

If you run through one deck counting all the cards based on the value assigned above, at the end of the 52 cards, you will end up with a total of zero. That is why it is called a “balanced count”. In addition, the only values you count are +/-1. This makes it a “single level” system, less complex than other more complicated systems that have values like +/- 2 or +/-3 points. Starting at a running count of zero, as cards are revealed from the deck (otherwise known as the “shoe”), use the points system above to keep a running tally.  

For example, let’s say you are dealt a queen (-1) and a 3 (+1). The dealer’s up card is a jack (-1). Then the running count at this moment is -1 +1 -1 = -1. You hit and get 6 (+1). Now the running count is zero. A higher running count indicates the deck is more favorable for the player, and you should therefore increase your bet. The other part of the Hi-Low system is calculating the true count. This number is calculated by dividing the running count by the number of decks remaining in the shoe. A higher true count is more favorable for the player as well, so increase your bet size as this number increases.  

Ready to Play

Are you ready to try out a blackjack strategy chart or count cards? You can try out free online blackjack games while you learn to play blackjack, its strategies and hit the real money tables when you’re ready – thank us later! The goal is to have fun and winning certainly helps with that. Use these strategies effectively, so you can have the edge. Try out the many techniques to find the online blackjack strategy that works for you. Become skilled, and you’ll soon find yourself on the winning side at the best online casinos there are!  

FAQ: Blackjack Stragegy

Is counting cards in blackjack illegal?

No, counting cards is not an illegal blackjack strategy. You are using your mind to process information and guide gameplay. However, casinos do not like card counting and land-based casinos could ban you if they think you are counting cards.  

What is the best blackjack strategy? 

There is no best blackjack strategy other than the one that works. Each blackjack variant has differences that will require adjustments to strategy. Play online blackjack with blackjack strategy charts to learn how to play smart and gain experience.  

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