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The Complete Guide to Online Slots for Gamblers in May 2024

Are you a slots fanatic looking to play your favorite online slot machines? Then this guide is for you!

Slots are an exciting casino game that are immensely popular at any casino. Whether we’re playing in Vegas, Macau, or from the comfort of our home, the flashing lights and exciting sounds of a slot machine draw us right in.

These games are very fun to play and keep us coming back for more. For both beginners and those who have been playing slots for a while, experts from MySer-Gambling have compiled this ultimate guide to help you play to win

More About Slots

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Free Online Slots

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Slot Providers

Free vs. Real Money Slots

With all the options and features, different online casino games and themes, online slot machines might seem overwhelming or downright confusing for the uninitiated.  

However, one of the reasons for their popularity is how simple and easy they are to play. Therefore, do not be intimidated to learn the game and how they work!  

The first goal of playing slots should be to have fun, but winning money is an enticing prospect that also increases the enjoyment exponentially.  

They say, ‘Knowledge is Power’ and this maxim applies here as well. By educating ourselves on how to play slots, we place ourselves in a better position to have both.  

Once we know the different types of games, as well as the general rules and effective slot strategies for playing, we feel instantly more comfortable and empowered.  

In this guide, we will cover these topics, including how to win at slots! Read our guide carefully to become knowledgeable and play with confidence.  

Free Slots

It might surprise beginners to the online gambling world to find that not all games require a real money wager. There are also free online slot machines available to play and by free, we really mean free. And there are loads of them!  

There are a few reasons why gamblers play slots for free rather than real money slots. The primary reason is that it’s a great way to test-drive a game without any risk to your bankroll.  

All the mechanics and rules remain the same as real money online slots, so we still experience virtually identical gameplay. 

While playing free online casino slots, observe the following: 

  • What are the bonus features and rounds like? 
  • Does the betting range work for me? 
  • How frequent are the payouts and wins? 

These questions are a good starting point and as you gain more experience, you naturally start to develop preferences for what you need in a slot game.  

Real Money Slots

In order to get the most from the game, at some point, you will have to start to play online casino slots for real money. But don’t worry, with knowledge and experience, you will feel more confident and at ease.  

Therefore, when you’re ready to play online casino slot machines for real money, make the switch to get the reward. Although this introduces risk into the game, you also earn the chance to win big! And as gamblers, what is life without a bit of risk, eh?  

Do not be intimidated by playing slot machines online for money, but do make sure to educate yourself.  

Next, we’ll discuss the types of slot games that are available to play online. By knowing what is out there, you will be able to make an informed decision.  

Types of Casino Slots

When you log on to an online casino to play a slot game, you will quickly find that many have extensive libraries of games. Some have thousands of slot titles available, while others may have hundreds. Either way, it is a lot to sift through.  

If you’re a seasoned slot player, you may already know the best online casino games that you are familiar with and enjoy playing. For others, however, the question becomes how to choose a game.  

Luckily, many casinos opt to sort their library of slot games with various categories. Sorting the different types of games then browsing is a good way to find the best online slot machines for you.  

Classic Slots

These are also known as 3-reel slots and are the simplest versions of the tried-and-true slot game. This is a great place to start because it’s simple and easy to play while still being fun. However, new players should keep in mind that the volatility is quite high, meaning it’s high risk but also high reward.  

Video Slots

While you peruse the best online casinos, you’ll frequently come across Video Slots as a category. When this term was first coined, it distinguished the first electronic video slots from mechanical reels.  

Also known as five-reel slots because of the five reels, they also have developed graphics and sound, higher jackpots, and more features. These days, however, video slots are a general category that encompasses all modern online slots.  


Short for interactive slots, i-Slots are multi-payline and multi-reels that are more advanced than the previous two.  

Younger people will find these similar to an online video game because players are taken on unique adventures through bonus stages and mini games.  

Progressive Slots

Another popular online slot are progressive jackpots, named for the accumulated jackpot players could win.  

These require a greater investment because a portion of the wager goes to the jackpot. Some of the jackpots go as high as millions, which makes it an enticing option.  

3D Slots

As the name suggests, 3D slots have three-dimensional elements present in the games and are usually inspired by pop culture. Many will have multiple paylines and mini-games as well.  

Branded Slots

Lastly, branded slots are very popular amongst players. This is because their themes are from well-known pop culture references, music, movies, sports, TV shows, and other iconic events.  

Created via a licensing agreement between the game developers and the owner of the brand, players can find slot titles from UFC, Playboy, Rocky, Platoon, and many more.  

Slots Rules

Although slots are a very simple game that’s easy to play, it’s not enough to just cross your fingers and hit the spin button. Like anything else, it pays to know what you’re getting into so you can make smart, informed decisions during gameplay.  

Luckily, the rules for slots are very straight-forward. While each individual slot varies on theme, graphics, and the combination of features, they all follow a similar structure.  

Therefore, the basics of playing slots just takes a bit of knowledge on how paylines work, how to set up the game, and what the various symbols are.  


The number of paylines is important to pay attention to because it corresponds to the number of winning combinations available in a game.  

The original slots started with just one payline then this grew to five in the 1990’s, but these days, games can have more than a hundred!  

On average, most online slots you come across will have anywhere from 20 to 40 paylines. You may find slots with no paylines too. Instead, you’ll see that there are “243 ways to win” and players must align symbols across reels.  

Placing Bets

First thing’s first, and that’s to check the game’s paytable. This has all the information that the player needs regarding winning combinations, payout amounts, what symbols mean, and what special bonus features they activate.   

Next, players select the coin value. This action determines what amount is staked to each active payline. Then, choose the number of lines to activate and you’re ready to go.  

Hit the Spin button to set the reels spinning. Let them stop on their own accord or hit the Spin button again to stop. If you have a winning combination of symbols on the active paylines, you’ll receive a payout.  


Every slot game is built on certain fundamentals that include wilds, scatters, and bonus symbols. With these symbols, players get extra benefits like bonus rounds and increased winnings. Know what to look for, and the games get even more exciting with the potential to grow your bankroll!  

Wild symbols are favorable because they can take the place of any standard symbol, which greatly increases the chances of landing a winning combination.  

There are also wild symbols with specialized functions, such as expanding wilds, sticky wilds, wild multipliers, and more. These do more than normal wilds. For example, expanding wilds expand to cover the entire reel, creating conditions for massive win potential.  

Scatter symbols are the most desirable because landing three scatters on a spin usually unlocks a free spin bonus round.  

During this round, landing more scatters re-triggers the bonus, sometimes even adding a multiplier to the payouts.  

RNG Meaning

“RNG” stands for “Random Number Generator.” It is a critical component of such machines, ensuring that the outcome of each spin is truly random and unpredictable. An RNG is essentially an algorithm that produces a sequence of numbers or symbols that cannot be reasonably predicted better than by a random chance. This ensures that every spin of the slot machine is independent of the last and guarantees a fair gaming experience for the user. The integrity of an RNG is paramount for the credibility of online slot machines.

A properly functioning RNG ensures that the outcomes cannot be manipulated, thus upholding the principle of fairness in online gambling. Without a reliable RNG, trust in the fairness of these games would be compromised, leading to a loss of player confidence and participation.

Slots Strategies

An effective slot strategy is never a clear-cut answer and there are no specific steps to guarantee a win. While the superstitious may swear by a lucky charm or ritual, others simply press the Spin button and hope for the best.  

However, experienced slot players know that there are some factors to take into consideration that will amplify your experience. Don’t go groping wildly in the dark with just fate to guide you.  

Knowing things like volatility and RTP rate will help you select the best slot game for your goals, and an understanding of bonus features sets you up to take full advantage when they come.  


Also known as Variance, the volatility of an online slot factors into game play enormously. Depending on whether a slot has low, medium, or high volatility, the balance of risk and reward fluctuates.  

Slots with low volatility have low risk and low reward. Bonus rounds and symbols are triggered regularly, and winning combinations occur more frequently, but the wins are smaller.  

Those who opt for low variance slots may do so because their primary goal is to extend their bankroll and play for longer. This makes it a good choice to meet wagering requirements for a bonus.  

Medium volatility slots carry medium risk. This makes payouts a variety of both low and high amounts and at somewhat regular intervals, although not as frequent as low variance.  

Furthermore, medium variance games have the addition of more bonus features like regular wilds, stacked wilds, and re-spins.  

Lastly, high volatility slots are high risk and require a sizable bankroll. The wins are less frequent and bonus features are triggered less often but when they do, the winnings flow!  

High rollers who adore these slots find the games exciting and adventurous. Bonus features include multipliers, free spins rounds, instant win bonuses, wild reels, and extending wilds.  

Volatility is crucial to picking a game favorable to your goals. You’re essentially choosing between a higher payback percent or a higher hit frequency.  

RTP Rate

The Return to Player (RTP) rate is an important figure to consider when selecting a slot game. This number is calculated as the theoretical percentage in winnings that is paid out, what the player can expect in return from the game.  

For example, if a slot has an RTP of 96%, which is an average rate, this means that for every $100 bet, the player can expect a return of $96.  

The difference between 100% and the RTP rate is the house edge. In this example, the house edge is 4% and with the $100 bet, the house keeps $4.  

Keep in mind that this rate is calculated over thousands of turns, so the results of one session will likely not match this theoretical percentage. However, one can trust that numerous agencies like TST and eCOGRA verify and publish the percentages of each game.  

Free Spins

As we mentioned earlier, some slot games have free spins or bonus rounds. These are typically triggered by landing 3 or more scatter symbols. Usually, these games have higher volatility than games without this feature, but once the tradeoff is activated, the wins can really rack up! 

In addition, there can be many other bonus reels and features available, like jackpot rounds, multiplier symbols, pick’em rounds, and more. Some even have a multi-tiered bonus round that is interactive, requiring the player to complete challenges for greater rewards.  

These bonus symbols and features are lucrative opportunities for massive wins that add excitement to your games.  

Loss Limit

Lastly, it goes without saying that budgeting your bankroll is a key strategy. Even if you’re a high roller, this is still a wise move to make. Slots can be very addictive because they’re fun and exciting to play. They are designed to keep us playing for hours.  

By setting up daily, weekly, and/or monthly loss limits, you are exercising control over when to stop, which is as important to playing slots successfully as it is to win.  

How Can I Play Slots Online?

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Online Slots Reviews

Known for their simple but effective gameplay, slots offer the potential for massive wins or less risky, smaller wins depending on the game. Every game has something unique and fun that sets it apart from the rest, so taking the time to read our online slots reviews can help you find your new favorite games!

We hope that our guide was informative and thorough for both the beginner and more experienced slot player. Make sure to read our reviews on slot games for more information on specific titles! 

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FAQ Online Slot Machines

Are online slots fair?

Yes, only play at licensed online casinos audited by independent companies to ensure Random Number Generator (RNG) software is fair.

Can I play free slots without signing up for an account with a casino?

Yes, any gambler can easily play a free slot game in demo mode without an account. These games are available at many online casinos. Keep in mind, you won’t win any real money and your chip stack resets when you switch games. 

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