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How to Play Craps Online and Win | For Beginners | Updated for 2022

Are you interested in learning how to play craps online and want to start playing today? This classic casino game has been around for a very long time, and the version of craps we play today is so exciting and fun! Once you read this article, you will know all the basic rules of craps that will you get started off on the right foot. Let’s get started.

How to Play Craps Rules

The rules of craps are actually very simple. But there is some lingo to learn. Don’t worry, we’ll fill you in on all the vocabulary you need to know.

What sets craps apart from other games is that the player is in charge and rolls the dice that will produce the outcome. Craps is played with two dice, a table, and chips. The overall goal of the game is to guess what value the shooter will roll with the dice. The player rolling the dice is called “the shooter” and players at one table take turns being the shooter.  

Before any dice is rolled, the game begins with what is known as a “pass line bet”. Players choose to place this bet or not. The wager is on whether the dice will do one of two options: pass or don’t pass. We will explain more about the pass line bet in further detail in just a bit, but first let’s discuss the “come-out roll”.

The betting round of craps begins with a come-out roll. This is the first roll of the dice after the previous round has finished, or the very start of the game. When the shooter makes a come-out roll, then there are three outcomes that can occur: 

  • Natural – shooter rolls a 7 or an 11, this is considered a win and the player rolls again 
  • Craps – shooter rolls a 2 (known as “snake eyes”), 3, or 12, this is considered a loss but the player still rolls again 
  • Point – shooter rolls a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, this is considered “the point”. In an online game, an “On” button will appear, showing that the point has been established. In a land-based casino, this is known as “the puck”. The player rolls again with the goal of rolling the same number before hitting a 7 

If the player rolls the point again and does not hit a seven before doing so, then they win the round. If, however, they roll a 7 before hitting the point (known as “seven-out”), then they lose and end the betting round. Now, going back to the pass line bets that were placed before the come-out roll. Pass line bet is a popular bet for many players because of its low house edge of 1.41%.

Remember, there were two options the player could wager on – pass or don’t pass.  

  • “Pass the line” – means the shooter rolls a natural (7 or 11), or they hit the point before the 7 came up  
  • “Don’t pass” – means the shooter rolls a craps (2, 3, or 12), or they seven out before landing on the point. 

The pass line bet is only made before the point has been established. However, there are plenty of other wagers that players can make during this time. For example, once the point has been established, players can bet on the dice landing the point, landing on a 7, or landing on different numbers. The shooter will continue rolling the dice until they hit the point or roll a 7, whichever comes first.  

In an online game, an on button will indicate the point has been established. The shooter continues to roll the dice until they hit that same value or a 7 comes up. If the point is hit first, then all pass line bets win. If the 7 is hit first, then all don’t pass bets win. This is the basic step-by-step process of the game.  

Next, to complicate things a bit, you will need to know about the different betting options that are available during a round. You will remember that pass line bets can only be made before the come-out roll. These are also optional and players do not have to make a pass line/don’t pass bet. However, many players, both beginners and experienced, make a pass line bet because the house edge is low at 1.41%. A don’t pass bet has a house edge of 1.36%. But both payout 1:1.  

Types of Craps Bets

After the come-out roll, players can place other bets than the pass line bet. Let’s review some of these. The first we will discuss is the “come/don’t come” bet. These bets are made once the point has been set. The come bet wins if a natural is rolled out. If a craps is rolled out, then it loses. The point is also known as the “come-bet point”. If the come-bet point hits before the 7, then this is a win. If not, then it’s a loss. On the other hand, they don’t come bet wins if a craps is rolled and loses if a natural is hit. If the 7 hits before the point, then this is a win. Players can make additional bets on the come-bet point during the game.  

The next four types of bets that we’ll discuss pay out 1:1. The first is known as a “place bet”. This bet can be made once the point is established, and players bet on any number to hit. The player wins if that number is rolled before a 7 and loses it not. A “field bet” is another betting option where the player wins if a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12 is rolled. The player loses if a 5, 6, 7, or 8 is rolled.

You can also place a field bet on 2 or 12, which have good payouts. Sometimes, these payouts can be as high as 3:1. Lastly, “big 6” and “big 8” are two separate types of wagers, but similar bets. These are one of the most popular bets and the house edge is 9.1%. For a big 6 bet, the player wins if a 6 is rolled before a 7, otherwise, it’s a loss. And in a big 8 bet, the player wins if an 8 is rolled before a 7 and loses if not. There are many other betting options, so make sure to investigate these before heading into your next game! 

Ready to Play

Now that you know some basic bets, as well as general rules and guidelines for how to play craps for beginners, you are ready to get out there and play some games! Before you do that, make sure to read more on strategies to win and find some craps games you can try for free. Doing these two things will prepare you even better for successful rounds at the craps tables! 

FAQ: How to Play Craps Online

Where can I play craps online for free? 

Here. At MySer-Gambling we recommend our favorite trustworthy casinos that are safe and secure that offer free craps demos! It’s a great way to practice before playing real money games.  

Are the payouts good in craps? 

Payouts depend on the casino and what type of bets you make. For example, pass line and come bets are the most popular because they have favorable odds, However, their payouts are not as high as other bets like one-roll bets, which are harder to win.  

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