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Blackjack Live for Beginners | Online Live Casino for Real Money

Are you interested in playing online blackjack live? Traditional online blackjack has been around for decades now, but blackjack live casino is relatively new. It’s a new twist on an old game that made it possible by improving the technology and connectivity of today’s world. Now, all you need is internet connection to sit at some of the most popular casino blackjack tables in the world!

What is Live Blackjack?

Previously, online blackjack was played with RNG (Random Number Generator) software. These days, technology has made it possible to get a high quality blackjack live game streamed directly to your device. Rather than play with automated software, you are playing a game with a real, live dealer and other players just like you. There is a chat function available, so you can interact with the dealer to ask questions and receive guidance. Here, you have the same social element you get at a blackjack table in a land-based casino, but with the convenience of online gaming.  

You might be wondering if live blackjack is only available when playing from a desktop computer or a laptop. The answer is no. As many games have moved into the mobile gaming sphere, so has online gambling, including live casino! All live blackjack games are available to play on your mobile phone. All the same betting options and other capabilities are made fully available to mobile users. Players can access mobile live blackjack by playing from a mobile-friendly website or through a downloadable app.  

Where to Play Blackjack Live?

When you’re ready to play blackjack live, you might already have a list of the best online casinos that you trust and enjoy playing with. If so, just head on over to the live casino section of a favorite online casino. There, you will usually find several varieties of live blackjack available to choose from. In some cases, casinos may offer free blackjack live games, but this is not common. Instead, what you can do is observe a game of real money blackjack. This is a good way to observe how the game flows without risking any real money.  

If you don’t already have a go-to online casino, then you will want to find a trusted online casino operator with reputable game providers, like Evolution Gaming or NetEnt. Here at MySer-Gambling, we have online casino reviews written by professional and experienced authors. This is a much better method to find a suitable casino than trial and error, which can waste your time and money. There are several considerations when choosing an online casino, such as bonuses, game providers, and banking.  

Online casinos always have promotions and bonuses for their players, especially welcome bonuses for new players. It’s also possible to find casinos that have a special blackjack live no deposit bonus for players to take advantage of. These special promotions for live casino games are a great way to receive extra perks and benefits for your gaming experience. You can find these at several online casinos.  

Considerations Before Playing Blackjack Live

The last thing to review about live blackjack is a very important topic to ensure you get the most out of your gambling experience! Live blackjack is quite convenient and accessible, which is one of the reasons for its popularity. Combine that with the relative simplicity of the game and how quick it is to learn, and you have a match made in gambler heaven. Once you know the rules and some blackjack strategies, such as card counting, you are good to go. Not so fast though because if you want to play live blackjack, you will want to make sure you consider the following!  

The first consideration is your hardware! Since live blackjack is wholly dependent upon technology, it also means that the device you use is important. These games require a bit more speed and bandwidth to operate at high quality than traditional online blackjack. This does not mean you have to go out and buy the latest laptop or smartphone to play these games. It does mean that you should check that your device supports the minimum system requirements to play. This will make a difference in the quality of game play. It should come as no surprise that this quality could make a difference when it comes to gambling.  

Another consideration you must be aware of is internet connection. Again, this factor will make a difference in the quality of the game, which in turn could affect your gambling. If there is any lag or connection is suddenly dropped, that technical error could result in a loss. Be mindful of the internet connection when you decide to log in to a live blackjack game. You must have a stable internet connection in order to enjoy the game in high definition with good quality audio and video!  

Ready to Play

Now that we have covered all the basics of live blackjack, we hope you feel ready and prepared to join a live blackjack game! It is the perfect way to get all the benefits of online gambling and land-based casinos. Interaction with a live dealer and other players is an unparalleled experience! It’s no wonder this is the most popular live casino game out there. If you brush up on your blackjack strategy and play with reputable casinos, you are sure to have a great time!  

FAQ: Blackjack Live

Is Live Blackjack favorable for players?

Blackjack is known for having a lower house edge compared with other casino games. If you combine this with blackjack strategy, you can certainly tip the game in your favor! 

Can I count cards in Live Blackjack?

While counting cards is not technically illegal, it is also highly discouraged by casinos, including online casino operators. Often times, the games are played with 6 to 8 decks, so it will be very difficult to do so anyway. 

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