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How to Win Baccarat | Strategy, Tips, and Tricks for Beginners

Ready to up your game of baccarat from ordinary to extraordinary? If you have ever been curious about the best way to play this classic casino favorite, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss baccarat strategy and, if it’s possible, how to win baccarat every time. Let’s get started! 

How to Win Baccarat Game

Do you want to know how to win at baccarat? For consistent wins, baccarat is a tricky casino game because it is a game with little room for strategy and more about chance. However, in terms of its rules and process, it is a very simple game, which makes it appealing for beginners. Not to worry though, because the experienced gamblers here at MySer-Gambling have several tips and tricks on how to win baccarat casino. To make the most of your baccarat experience, try these out and see how you like them!  

No Bet on a Tie

The first tip is to never place a bet on a tie. Although the 8:1 payout is attractive, the house edge is 14.44%, which means the odds are stacked against you. Unless you have money to burn, it is never worth the risk. Instead, consider the house edge for alternative bets, which are vastly more favorable – 1.06% for the banker and 1.24% for the player. Although the payouts are lower at 1:1, these bets are much more optimal if you want to come out on top.  

Play the Banker’s Bet

The next tip is to play the banker’s bet. This is a well-known strategy that many baccarat players use because the lower house edge of 1.06% makes that much of a difference. Although it is just a few tenths of a percent less than the player bet, it is enough to make an impact. This is the reason why casinos charge a 5% commission on wins with banker bets. Simple to follow, this is the default move for many but it’s not the only one. It should be noted that if you’re using a betting system, which we will cover next, it is not recommended to go for a banker’s bet every time! 

System Bets

Another tip for how to win baccarat online is by using betting systems. Just as with blackjack and other casino games, betting systems like the Martingale or d’Alembert are good tools to leverage your gameplay. There are different types of betting systems or strategies: positive, negative, or flat.  

Positive Progressive Strategy – Paroli

An example of a positive progressive strategy is the Paroli. With positive progressive systems, players increase their bets with each win. And after a number of successive wins, you bank your winnings and start back at the beginning bet.  

Negative Progressive Strategy – Martingale

An example of a negative progressive strategy is the Martingale. This is one of the most well-known betting systems out there. It is a negative progressive system because players increase their bets with each loss. By doing so, the theory is when you land a win, you will win back any losses and make a profit as well. Despite how well-known this betting system is, this is also one of the most risky and experienced players avoid using this one.  

Flat Bet System

The last type is a flat betting system. This is quite basic and easy to follow. The player simply bets the same amount each time and does not increase or decrease the bet ever. This is good for beginner players who may not be as confident in increasing their wager. The goal of a flat betting system is to minimize losses and not necessarily to walk away with big gains. Depending on what your goals are, this might be the perfect betting system for you!  

Ready to Play

Now do you feel confident to join a baccarat table and win a few rounds? Practice makes perfect and you definitely have the knowledge now to make it happen. More experience will help you have greater confidence and that will help when you play baccarat! Try out a free demo at one of the best online casinos to get a feel for the game before playing a real money game. Soon enough, you might be the expert on how to win baccarat tournament and have some of your own tips to share! 

FAQ: How to Win Baccarat

How to win baccarat all the time?

It is not possible to have a fool-proof strategy for winning baccarat. The way the game is set up, players will not be able to guarantee a win every time. However, experience and a betting system can help position you for more consistent wins. 

Can you count cards in baccarat?

Yes and no, if you are playing in a land-based casino, counting cards is a viable option and strategy you can use. It will help you tip the odds more in your favor and decrease the house edge. In an online game, counting cards is not a viable option.  

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